December 1 – International Neurologist's Day


On December 1, Neurologist's Day is celebrated all over the world.

Violations of the functions of the human nervous system have been observed since ancient times. However, until the middle of the XIX century, the development of neurology consisted mainly in the accumulation of experience, because without sufficient knowledge and necessary equipment, it was not easy for doctors to explain certain processes in the human nervous system.

And the date of birth of neurology as an independent direction in medicine is considered to be 1860. It was then that the world's first neurological department was opened at the Salpetriere hospital near Paris. It was headed by 36-year-old physician Jean Martin Charcot, who made a huge contribution to the development of neurology as a separate clinical discipline.

During this time, neurology as a science has gone through many stages of development. And today its study and further development is proceeding at a rapid pace, especially since the most innovative techniques and equipment are now available to doctors.

The Department of Neurology of MCSC provides qualified consulting, diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive care to patients with any neurological diseases. Our team consists of experienced doctors using the most up–to-date standards in treatment.

Dear colleagues! Thank you for your experience, responsibility and professionalism.

Happy holidays!



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