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May 9 – Victory Day

How many words have been said about the exploits of soldiers during the Great Patriotic War. But it is impossible not to note the heroism and courage of Soviet doctors. They put tens of thousands of wounded soldiers on their feet and saved the lives of no less. Thanks to their work, the fighters returned to the ranks and won.

The medical staff consisted of a wide variety of professions. They were doctors, paramedics, nurses, orderlies. All of them, risking their own lives, selflessly saved the lives of Red Army soldiers and our future.

  • During those difficult five years, more than 22 million people were treated in military hospitals.
  • Of these, 17 million were able to return to the battlefield.
  • The selfless work of the doctors saved the lives of 72% of the wounded soldiers and 90% of the sick.

These indicators clearly demonstrate the professionalism and dedication of Soviet doctors. They performed their duty in the most difficult and unforeseen circumstances.

Congratulations on Victory Day! Please accept my sincere congratulations and wishes of good health, prosperity and peace.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD