PCR test for COVID-19 in 1.5 hours

Patient M.

I am immensely grateful to the Head of the Endoscopy Department, Kirill Vyacheslavovich Shishin, and the Head of the Operative Endoscopy Department, Ivan Yuryevich Nedoluzhko, for the endoscopic papillectomy with GPP stenting performed on 4.02.2020. The operation turned out to be a little more complicated than it was originally supposed... - only I didn't know about it... - I woke up after the anesthesia, having slept well and happy...- it's just fantastic! And YOU didn't have a magic wand! Knowledge and skill, experience and skill, eyes and hands, love for your profession, your business, love for people-this is YOUR magic wand... - and it is impossible not to understand or not to notice… Whether it was God's plan or just luck... - I'm happy that I got to YOU! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for BEING HERE! Thank you for BEING LIKE THIS! YOU are our ELITE... Personal thanks to my anesthesiologist - I, to my shame, do not know his (her) name… Thank you to the entire Department of Operative Endoscopy - to everyone who treated me, and to everyone who did not treat me… I have repeatedly heard from the patients of the Department the words: "miracle", "fantastic", "I can't believe it", "cool", "I was afraid for nothing", "superprofi", "what good fellows they are" - and this is all about you... The non-stop mode is really amazing: hospitalization-operation-discharge, hospitalization-operation-discharge... at the same time, each patient is surrounded by attention, care and sensitive postoperative support! Bravo! Endoscopists, you are the best! Thank you all! I sincerely wish the MCSC Endoscopy department further development and prosperity, inspiration and strength in implementing the most ambitious plans! 

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