Patient O.

I would like to thank Ilya Kozlov, Head of the ENT Department, from the bottom of my heart. With high professionalism, he performed a complex operation to remove polyps in my sinuses and corrected the nasal septum.

I work as a math teacher at school, and problems in my sinuses prevented me from working properly. For a year and a half, I went to various hospitals in Moscow. In the first, I was examined by a doctor, then invited by the head of the department. they conferred for a long time. They said that they need to operate, but there are no places, as repairs are underway. In the second hospital, I was also examined by a doctor, then invited a leading surgeon. They conferred and said that they need to operate, but they need to undergo an additional re-examination. In another-a private clinic, I was frankly told that the case is complicated, you need to operate, and there will also be a scar on my cheek. But I didn't have that much money for the operation. After that, I got an appointment at a well-known research institute that specializes in such diseases. There I was examined by a doctor, then a leading surgeon was invited, then a professor was invited to examine me. I was asked to wait. Then I was told that the case was complicated, I needed additional tests (I had these tests on my hands, and they read them), and I was given a referral to the Loginov MCSC.

Here, in the Loginov MCSC, I got an appointment with Ilya Kozlov. After the examination, he confidently said that an operation was needed, and explained everything in detail. I realized that I had come to a real professional. The operation was really difficult, but everything went perfectly. Then Ilya Vladimirovich performed all the necessary postoperative procedures. And now I'm healthy. Thank you very much again.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD