Patient B.

How do I find the right doctor? "of course, on the advice of those you trust. Our doctor Vladimir Vladimirovich, almost a professor, with the rare surname Sura, treats children honestly. When I asked where to do knee surgery (crosses), he told me his story. how he fell from a motorcycle, broke his shoulder, ... and was jewelry assembled by Dr. Brovkin Sergey Sergeevich. So I got into the department of orthopedics and did the right one in 2018.

I remember an amazing team: a huge and cheerful anesthesiologist, the kindest nurses and doctors in the operating room. And the cool music there and the general atmosphere. And in the department of the heart sisters Julia, Emma, Katya. Another nanny. I wanted to give them something after discharge, but, as it happens, work, family... In general, I did not.

It took 1.5 years and I tore the ligament again, only now on my left leg) and again to Brovkin. And again, the same team, the same people and names, and the same feelings of immense gratitude for the professionalism and attitude to the person. The operation was pleasant. Amazing! But a fact. And then I heard a story that the nurse herself sews pillows (sic), which are placed under the sick leg or arm - this makes the patient much easier. And the nurses treat everyone like children...

Comrade Fedoruk has picked up a very valuable team. Almost like in the book of F.Lalu: Opening Up The Organizations Of The Future. I recommend it, there are valuable tips there.

I wish further professional growth to all doctors! In general, many thanks to Everyone! Especially for nurses and nannies) is written for ordinary people and the leaders of the MCSC at their own request.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD