MCSC patient

I very rarely go to the doctors. Thank you parents for this. And the rheumatologist generally got an appointment for the first time in his 50 years.

At the specified time, minute, minute, I was invited to his office Meshkov Alexey Dmitrievich. His punctuality and politeness were immediately noticed by me. During the consultation, Alexey Dmitrievich proved to be a knowledgeable, contact and intelligent specialist. Ot gave detailed and clear answers to my questions, putting everything in its place. And although I was in the diagnostic center for a sad reason, the mood, thanks to the professionalism and tact of Meshkov, was excellent. I left the office with a positive attitude, mentally wishing the doctor all the best.

I recommend it, from the bottom of my heart!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD