PCR test for COVID-19 in 1.5 hours

Patient S.

A huge thank you from me and my entire family to the Head of the Department of Liver and Pancreatic Surgery, RUSLAN ALIKHANOV BOGDANOVICH.!!! Thanks to him and his professional experience, he was able to accurately determine the danger of my diagnosis of Polycystic Liver and Kidney disease, since the left lobe of the liver was enlarged to 15 cm and did not function ,as well as the gallbladder. The entire load fell on the right lobe of the liver. He calmly and professionally explained the danger of my diagnosis and suggested surgery.On March 17, I was admitted to the Department of Liver and Pancreas Surgery under the CHI and on March 18, Ruslan Bogdanovich performed an 8-hour operation..removal of the left lobe of the liver and gallbladder.. The operation was successful. Thank you VERY much Ruslan Bogdanovich for your golden hands,your professionalism, responsiveness and attention to each patient, you treat each patient equally-IT does NOT MATTER whether he is a paid employee or an MHI ,and you save our lives every day!! I bow low to you... And I would also like to add a Huge Thank You to the high professionalism of the Anesthesiologist and attending physician Natalia Kulikova, she gives herself completely to her work. Many thanks to the entire staff of the Department of Liver and Pancreatic Surgery( all the nurses,the wards are clean and cozy, the nurses are very attentive and caring, and the staff of the food department). Excellent and well-coordinated work of the entire department.. Thank you all again !!! May God grant you health and patience in your hard work!!!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD