Patient N.

Thank you very much to the wonderful doctor of the Department of chemotherapy (day hospital) - Belogurova Alexandra Vladimirovna! Alexandra Vladimirovna - Doctor with a capital letter. As attentive as possible, she will readily answer any question, explain everything, calm down, prompt and help in a difficult situation. All appointments are prompt and competent. She is impeccable as a doctor and just a very good person! I was extremely lucky to get to Belogurova Alexandra Vladimirovna!

Also, thanks to the junior medical staff of this department, thanks to them, my visits to the Loginov MCSC are emotionally positive, and this has no less therapeutic effect than IVs! There are excellent nurses and a nurse working here, working conscientiously and actually by vocation! Everyone is not indifferent, smiling, attentive and extremely caring.

I want to say special words of gratitude to the nurse of the Treatment Room-LOGVINENKO ALLA DMITRIEVNA!!! Her gentle smile, a couple of phrases that she manages to say to the patient, perfect magic hands, sympathy treat as well as any medicine! Emotional and spiritual support is very important to us, patients with cancer. The attention and care that Alla Dmitrievna gives us somehow makes us believe in our own strength, believe that the world is good and it is too early to leave it, gives us the strength to fight and survive this difficult period. Every time I come to the clinic and see her, I have a warm hope that turns into confidence that everything will be fine!!! Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to ALLA DMITRIEVNA LOGVINENKO for the fact that she exists and that she works in this department!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD