Patient K.

Words of gratitude to the entire medical team of the oncosurgical Department of the Mammary Gland of the Moscow State Medical Center. Loginova! 22.06.2020 I was admitted to this department for a planned operation . The biggest impression on me, already an adult woman, was made by the attitude of young doctors to patients : the attending physician Samedov Shamil Yusifovich, the anesthesiologist Yulia Sushchevskaya. Maximum attention, detailed information about the upcoming operation, correct behavior and internal culture. Thank you for your human attitude! The operating surgeon is Khalil Sabitovich Arslanov . A professional with a good sense of humor, which is an additional therapy for women with cancer. And again, I want to say about the attention: the surgeon was present at all postoperative dressings. and before discharge, "on the track", I did it myself (although I was already in a hurry for another operation). Thank you, Doctor! All this remains in our hearts! The creation of a close - knit professional team of like-minded people is the merit of the head, so the final words of gratitude are to the head of the department, Kvetenadze Guram Elgujayevich. Thank you for everything! Be healthy, doctors! 

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD