Patient M.

The words of the famous Florence Nightingale, the founder of the profession of nursing, said by her almost 100 years ago: "A nurse must have a qualification: cardiac - for understanding the patient, scientific-for understanding diseases, technical - for caring for patients" are very suitable for the characteristics of a nurse "Women's Health Clinic" on Goncharnaya-SKERBUTS IRINA VASILYEVNA.

About my difficult diagnosis, after the puncture of the m/ w, I had to hear it from Irina Vasilyevna. What a person feels at such a moment, it is impossible to convey in words!!! And what a blessing that at that time it was this extraordinary woman and a competent nurse who was there! Who, with her calm, reasonable speech, was able to convince that life does not end, that today there are methods of treatment that allow you to fight the disease. The main thing is not to despair! After all, moral support is very important for the patient, especially in such a situation.

Then, when the treatment plan was built (consisting of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy), every time I went to chemistry, I remembered her words: "Imagine that you have another job, very hard... but you need to go there!" And I was walking...

Now everything is already passed, everything is safe, and I want to express my gratitude and gratitude to Irina Vasilyevna for helping me to believe in myself, to believe in a favorable outcome, and to provide some kind of psychological support! After all, the one who believes in healing recovers faster!

Dear Irina Vasilyevna, thank you for the breadth and kindness of your heart, thank you for your professionalism, for sparing no effort and time to support your patients, for helping women find faith in healing!!! I bow low to you and may God grant you good health and success in your work!!!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD