Patient G.

I think it is not necessary to talk about the importance of finding "your" doctor. And here it is not only about his professional and human qualities. The problem is much deeper. And it is connected with the fear of lying on the operating table, as well as what impressions you will have in the future.... And the problem itself is quite delicate) I was lucky in this sense, and therefore there was a desire to share with those who are now facing a choice. Since July 15, 2020, she has been undergoing inpatient treatment at the Moscow State Medical Center.Loginova in connection with multiple polyps in the rectum. There are highly professional doctors, sensitive and attentive nurses and nurses working here. Even during the busy period of the pandemic, they did not waste their feelings of humanity and compassion. But I would like to express my special gratitude and low bow to the head of the Department of Coloproctology, Candidate of Medical Sciences Mikhail Alexandrovich Danilov, Head of the Department of Endoscopy, Doctor of Medical Sciences Kirill Vyacheslavovich Shishin - these are superhumans! Yes, this is not an exaggeration. Every day they perform a miracle-a miracle of healing. At the same time, after a seemingly unpleasant procedure of surgical intervention, after an endoscopy, there is literally no trace left)) It does not cause severe postoperative consequences, depression and negative emotions. Recovery and rehabilitation takes place in a matter of days. Isn't this a miracle?! Now I'm waiting for the results of the tests. And if you need another operation to fully recover, I know that there is no reason to worry. And my choice is obvious. After all, my health is in good hands. I would also like to thank Doctors A.V. Leontiev and Kirill Pavlovich (I don't know their last name, unfortunately) for your health, happiness and well-being! Take care of yourself!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD