Patient G.

From 13.08.2020 to, he was treated in the rheumatology department of the MCSC.During the time spent in the clinic, I was pleasantly surprised by such a good-natured attitude of all the medical staff that there are no words to describe my feelings.

My attending physician, the head of the department, Nadezhda Savenkova, despite her youth, copes with her duties very professionally, she is a responsive, attentive specialist, always ready to help her patients. This is a master of his craft! A man with a capital H and a huge professional!!! In addition to all this, you can immediately feel the love for your work and the desire to help patients. Knows how to win over. For all the time of treatment, we did not meet with a single rude word from her.

Please accept my low bow for being able to quickly get me back on my feet. I am sincerely grateful to you for your kindness, sincerity, and sensitivity. You were able to find the right approach to solve my problem. You are a wonderful doctor. Thank you very much for your hard work! I will always remember you.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD