Patient S.

In May 2020, during an ultrasound examination, I learned that there was a tumor of the right kidney. Local doctors of the city hospital gave a referral to the MCSC. Loginov to the Department of Urology under the supervision of Maxim Borisovich Zingerenko, Doctor of Medical Sciences. Arriving at the specified address, I got to a professional, Candidate of Medical Sciences Dashko Anton Alexandrovich. The diagnosis was not comforting, the tumor severely affected the kidney, and the possibility of its removal was not excluded. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of Anton Alexandrovich, Maxim Borisovich, the tumor was removed and the kidney was preserved. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Maxim Borisovich Zingirenko, Anton Alexandrovich Dashko, and all the medical staff who took part in the operation and in restoring my health after it. Psychologically, it was very easy for me to undergo such a complex operation, thanks to the attentive attitude of the attending doctor and his assistant Artem Valerianovich. In time for recovery, painkillers were given, there was no pain after the operation and the impression was created that the operation was not performed. I did not expect such a careful and reverent attitude, which is in an ordinary free hospital, when the nurses come and change the bed linen, which is stained with just a drop of blood, conscientiously do the work for which many hospitals are asked to hire nurses. After the operation, Anton Alexandrovich constantly asked about my well-being, and treated the patients in the same ward with trepidation and care. After the operation, my neighbor in the bed became ill with a heart, the staff immediately provided medical assistance, not only specialists from the cardiology department of the hospital were invited, but also from another hospital, so that he was diagnosed and, Thank God, everything was fine. Such a kind and human attitude has a positive effect on the recovery of all patients. Many thanks to Anton Alexandrovich, the Head of the department - Maxim Borisovich and the specialists who work under his guidance and treat patients with the care of a loving mother to her infant. I wish you all "Good health, new knowledge and positive experience". I want to appeal to those who are ill, who read my review. Do not be afraid to seek help and go to the urology department of the Moscow State Medical Center. Loginova, do not listen to all sorts of horror stories about doctors working in hospitals in the Russian Federation. This has nothing to do with the Department of Urology of the Moscow State Medical Center. Loginova. Here you will receive - " Understanding, participation, responsibility, in the literal sense of the word, you will be freed from both physical and psychological illness, joy for you in recovery, satisfaction for the operation performed, very difficult, but successful." Tested on yourself.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD