Patient M.

Let me express my deepest gratitude for the level and quality of medical care that was provided to me. Starting from the examination in the emergency department, transportation to the 2nd therapeutic department. They showed impeccable compliance with the principles of ethics and deontology to the patient, a high level of knowledge at the pathogenetic level and an explanation of the clinic by the head of the department Ilina Ella Andreevna. Comprehensive answers to your questions! Attentive attitude and high level of knowledge of the attending physician Olga Enikeeva Vladimir Vladimirovna. The attentive attitude of the CT specialists, the impeccable execution of medical appointments and the mastery of the skills of the average medical staff and the humane treatment of patients.

An impeccable sanitary and epidemiological regime, which is observed by junior medical personnel. Excellent food and temperature conditions. I note the work of the duty doctor Yarmak Denis Olegovich, in general, the duty doctors actively make decisions on treatment and diagnosis in accordance with the dynamic state of the patient. The highest level of organization of the treatment process.

Your clinical center is a scientific and practical base of best practices that should be implemented and disseminated. You are at the forefront of treating the population for a new COVID infection. Thank you for your hard work in the difficult conditions of wearing special clothing. I thank the management of the main Institution and this scientific and clinical center. Health, well-being and proper evaluation of your work.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD