PCR test for COVID-19 in 1.5 hours

Family of the MCSC patient

Dear Alexander Vladimirovich! We express our deep gratitude for the operation performed for my mother! It was a very complicated operation: a cancer-stricken woman with a heart valve inserted, and now there is a secondary colon cancer. The case seemed hopeless, the anesthesiologists put the highest risk on the operation, but you took it up and did it perfectly! The operation was easy for my mother, on the first day she got back on her feet, which I was immensely surprised that after a complex operation, with such degrees of risk, she quickly recovered. :)

I learned about Alexander Vladimirovich thanks to the excellent reviews, which are impossible to read without tears of happiness, as well as the portfolio, which is posted on the site. After reading that he graduated from Sechenov University with honors, received a candidate of medical sciences degree in his early years and took numerous advanced training courses, I realized that a doctor-surgeon is his vocation, it is extremely important for this person to gain new knowledge, he treats his patients with attention and responsibility.

When I met him personally, I saw his reverent attitude to my mother's illness and his work. Our meeting was fateful, despite his workload, he took her to the operation, although it was absolutely impossible to get to him by appointment in the next month, for which I thank him, despite his busy schedule, he was able to pay attention to our case.

I would like the Ministry of Health to celebrate the achievements of Alexander V. Leontiev, contributing to the promotion of the career ladder, as well as the entire team, led by the head of the department, Mikhail A. Danilov!

Alexander Vladimirovich, all the best to you, health to you and your loved ones! Good luck in everything!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD