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Patient Sh.

Good afternoon! In August 2017, I was operated on at the MCSC in the Department of Mammology for breast cancer. A subcutaneous mastectomy was performed on the right side. The operation was carried out by the head of the departmentKvetenadze Guram Gudzhayevich. He's a wizard, everyone knows that. I am immensely grateful to him!

The attending physician and the second surgeon on this first operation wasAndronov Artem Konstantinovich. At that time, he was studying for a residency in the department. And now he is already the head of the 3rd branch of the Women's Health Clinic.

I would very much like to say a special thank you to him and express my gratitude. Let's say it's been almost three years. Thanking your doctors is never too late or pointless. Artem Konstantinovich, a wonderful doctor.

At that time, I was at the very beginning of the treatment path. I was very scared. There were doctors around, and I wasn't alone. I knew that I would not be abandoned and that they would do whatever was necessary. I believed that they would help me. But it didn't really calm me down at the time.

The diagnosis changes everything, all the space around you disappears and you are left completely alone, as if you are moving behind a glass that separates you from reality. From the reality that was yours yesterday. The world hasn't changed, but everything has changed for me! Only those who have experienced this disease can understand this. And how important and vital it is that there is a doctor who can support you. We all know what a huge workload doctors have, how little time and effort they have to communicate with patients, how difficult it is for them to look at the tears and suffering of patients. They can not, physically do not have the ability to comfort everyone. But a sick person needs very much to be listened to, given the time and explained, yes, explained, at least at some elementary level, what this disease is and what the treatment will be. For myself, I decided right away that of course I would be treated and fulfill the entire treatment plan. It's easy to solve, but how do you find the strength to go this way? The first operation. How much effort did it cost me to cross the threshold of the department? Until the very last minute, even when I signed all the documents at the nurses ' station, it seemed to me that all this was not happening to me, that I would wake up and it would all turn out to be just a terrible dream. I felt that I could have run away and refused the operation. I was unbearably afraid. I was practically being carried away. I felt no support, nothing to hold on to.

And then the doctor came into the room. This was Artem Konstantinovich. He was so polite, so calm. He had such intelligent eyes, such a calm voice. He could see that I was on the verge of hysteria. But it took him a few minutes to calm me down with simple phrases. He answered my questions, explained how the operation would go. And most importantly, he said the words that really helped me calm down.

Now there is a lot of talk about such a quality of doctors as empathy. Artem Konstantinovich has full empathy. And this is the attitude he has towards all patients. He has such a kind, caring attitude towards the sick. He was with me right before the operation in the operating room and after resuscitation, almost at 11 o'clock in the evening, brought me to the ward! And in the morning, he was the first to ask how I was feeling after the operation. He did the bandages himself. He came to the ward several times a day to see how I was feeling.

After discharge, I could also always contact him with all questions about further treatment. He's an amazing doctor! A person is given a vocation, yes, apparently it is, but to become and be a real doctor is not a miracle, it is hard work and endless study. And it is also the ability and desire to help, to ease the suffering of the patient. And Artyom Konstantinovich has a big kind heart! I remember and appreciate his support during my time in the hospital. I am immensely grateful to him for giving me strength at the beginning of my treatment.

Thank you, dear Doctor!!! You are real! I wasn't afraid of you!!!! Good luck and a lot of energy on the way!!! Health and happiness!!! Thanks! I will always remember you with respect and gratitude!

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