Patient S.

I congratulate the staff of the MCSC on the upcoming New Year! We wish you all health, patience and prosperity! I would especially like to mention Chap. Doctor Li I. A. thanks to which the MCSC is supported by doctors who are professionals in their field, and I personally in making a diagnosis (according to the tests) Crohn's disease. Head of Department. NVZK Bykova S. V. I want to thank for the sensitive attitude to each patient. For the first time I see a sensitive attitude to patients of the doctor of the department of IBD Zhulina E. Yu. being on treatment from 23.10.2020 to 28.10.2020 and from 8.12.2020 to 14.12.2020. I want to note the competence, professionalism, not a single question of mine leaves unanswered. I would also like to thank the researcher of the department. VZK Lischinskaya A. A. for kindness and decency. For the first time in my 67 years, I managed to meet them at the MCSC. Loginova doctors-professionals in their field and sensitive attitude to each patient. Low bow to them all. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Only positive things come from these doctors, from their work. Once again, I wish you a Happy New Year! The fulfillment of all your wishes in the New Year!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD