Patient E.

Good afternoon! I had an operation in June 2020 with Rashid Hamidovich Askerkhanov - stomach resection. I want to share my impressions of the center and the doctors. The conditions are simply amazing, the equipment of the ward is amazing - everything is new, modern, technological. I felt like a VIP person)) the staff is very polite and helpful, everything is done quickly, on time. In the ward, the call button - the staff comes to the call within a few seconds. But the most important thing is that they are super professional, talented doctors with huge experience and really golden hands. I had a difficult case, a very heavy weight, a difficult operation, but thanks to Rashid Hamidovich, Anastasia Leonidovna and the entire team of the bariatric department, everything went well!!! The operation gives a stunning effect-for six months minus 42 kg!!! But I'm still halfway there. And thank you to the team of doctors and especially to Anastasia Leonidovna for the attentive attitude in the postoperative period. Always consult, prescribe the necessary drugs and tests, help to understand the nutrition after the operation. I am very grateful to these amazing doctors for my new, better life, and I advise everyone who needs it to do bariatric surgery only in the MCSC!!!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD