Patient D.

Hello! On these festive, bright days, I would like to congratulate all doctors and medical workers on the New Year and Christmas. I wish them all the best, health and bright joyful events in their lives.

But I would like to convey my warmest wishes to the staff of the coloproctology department and to all-all employees from nurses to doctors! This is such a well-coordinated organism of sensitive and attentive people.

Almost a year ago I was operated on by a wonderful doctorAlexander V. Leontiev. He is a wonderful person and a high-level professional. Alexander Vladimirovich radiates warmth and care. Thanks to his confidence, there is a sense of security around him and you believe that everything will be fine. In February 2020, I had a sigmoid colon tumor removed, and in May of the same year, I underwent surgery to close the stoma and was given recommendations for a course of chemotherapy. Thanks to the timely and high-quality work of Alexander Vladimirovich and all the employees of this delicate department, I can live, enjoy this life, spend time with my loved ones and even think about the future.

My congratulations and THANKS from me and my large family, which is difficult to express in words, there are too many of them!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD