Patient I.

Today, January 25, on Tatiana's day, I want to thank Dr. Tanya (she introduced herself this way) - Azarova Tatyana Mikhailovna for my rescue from the insidious covid. I was admitted to the clinic on 09.01.21 with a large lesion of the lungs and in a completely decadent mood. Tatyana Mikhailovna burst into my life, imbued with optimism and joy of life, from the first minute she saved me from the fear of death.

Thank you, Dr. Tanya, for your professionalism and sensitive attitude to people. I am also very grateful to the entire team of the second therapeutic department of the Loginov Moscow State Medical Center, which is headed by Ella Andreevna Ilyina!

Low bow to you! Health! Happiness! Love!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD