Patient K.

I want to share only the first impression of the Women's Health Clinic on the highway Enthusiasts, 86. Excellent clinic. Breast examination within one day. Excellent equipment, calm, polite treatment of all staff, from the administrator to the junior medical staff. No shouting, polite communication, careful examination. There are queues, but only if you pass the examination without an appointment. At the doctor's direction on the same day. Nurses consistently pass medical records from office to office, accompanying patients. And by appointment, the reception is carried out at the appointed time. Very convenient.

Given the fear and especially confusion from hearing a terrible diagnosis - CANCER , which patients experience when crossing the threshold of this clinic, we so need such a careful attitude and the help of medical staff.

My sincere thanks to the oncologistSukhov Alexander Alexandrovich, who received me, analyzed the previously made results of ultrasound and puncture, conducted a thorough breast examination, consultation, and appointed a further examination. And although I am only at the initial stage of treatment of this terrible disease, such doctors, their attitude inspire optimism and hope!

I hope that in the future my treatment, surgery and recovery after it will be accompanied by the same attentive, responsive people. I scold myself only for not believing in our medicine and our doctors and not seeking help earlier!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD