Patient S.

I want to express my huge words of gratitude to the head of state. department of Endoscopy to Shishin Kirill Vyacheslavovich and to the surgeon-endoscopist Pavlov Ivan Aleksandrovich for the brilliantly performed operation of Tsenker's diverticulum. I'm from the remote Siberian city of Bratsk. I applied to the MCSC. Loginova in the direction of the local hospital. I was pleasantly surprised that after the appeal, the date of such a high-tech operation was quickly set. I have been suffering with this problem for so many years, but on the second day after the operation I could drink and eat the pureed mixtures without the usual discomfort! And after two weeks, I became an ordinary person with a normal diet and joy in life!

Many thanks to the entire team of the MCSC for the warm welcome, professionalism and health that you give to people based on your knowledge, experience and technology!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD