Patient K.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Department of Breast Cancer Surgery of the NKNC. Loginova.

On March 11, this year, my left breast was removed due to a terrible diagnosis of breast cancer. Today is the third day that I am at home and I do not get tired of thanking God that I got to the operation in this hospital and in this department. Amazing environment in the department, perfect cleanliness, sensitive, careful attitude to each patient of surgeons, all medical staff. No shouting, a calm environment, the mood for the operation, clear appointments to patients.

Of course, such work of the entire department is certainly the merit of the head of the departmentKvetenadze Gurami Yelgujievich. Thank you for the excellent organization of work and for the selection of staff! And of course, special thanks to my surgeon Yevgeny Vitalievich Shivilov and the entire operating team, who saved my life for two hours on March 11, removing a malignant tumor! Surgeons like E. V. Shivilov are the pride of our medicine! Performing daily hard work to save the lives of patients, surgeons and doctors of this department remain positive, kind-hearted, very modest and responsible people. Golden hands! Here is an assessment of the work of Yevgeny Vitalievich. The day before my operation, he performed operations on two more patients in our 417 ward. And we are all still in awe of his work! Thank you doctor for your work and a low bow to you! Health to you, your family and well-being! And to the entire department of breast Cancer surgery of the NKNC. Loginov and personally to the head Kvetenadze G. E. further success in your noble work and all the best!

With great gratitude, patient K.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD