Patient M.

While being examined in the cardiology department of the MCSC A. S. Loginov for CHI from 16.12.20 to 28.12.20 was sent by a cardiologist, Ovsyannikov Vladimir V., on CT scan of the abdominal cavity, where specialists found a neoplasm in the upper third of the stomach (GISO). Then I got a consultation with an oncologist,Semenov Nikolay Evgenyevich, who proposed to perform an operation to remove the tumor and the upper third of the stomach to exclude the further development of the disease. During the second hospitalization from 11.02.21 to 21.02.21, a laparoscopic operation was performed in the surgical department, which was successfully performed, after carefully examining the affected area, by the oncologist-surgeon, Nikolay Semenov. During the operation, Nikolai Yevgenyevich decided to remove only the neoplasm, thanks to which the stomach was preserved without removing part of it. I am very grateful to Nikolay Semenov for his professional and competent approach to patients. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team that took part in the operation. Thank you to the staff of the surgical department (6th floor) for their conscientious and attentive attitude to patients.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD