Patient G.

I am very grateful to the entire hematology department for the professional treatment and sensitive approach to patients (in every heart - a piece of kindness and warmth, as to native people.) With a big bow: zav. department of Flint Natalia Valeryevna, lech. doctor Nemykin Vadim Nikolaevich, choir doctor Glushchenko Dmitry Yuryevich; resident Gatapova S. S. Nurses: Uma, Ziyarat, Bariyat, Oksana, Kristina-thank you, girls, stay always the same kind and caring, you also have mothers, grandmothers))

Thank you to all the junior medical staff (delicious food, clean clean, always say a kind word).

P. S: Dear Natalia Vlaeryevna, thank you for such a medical team!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD