Patient B.

In the department of chemotherapy of the MCSC, I was treated with courses from 27.12.2020 to 14.05.2021. I thank all the medical staff of the department for their excellent work and kind attitude to the patients. It should be noted that this department has a special specificity of work. Difficult and difficult patients are treated here. Head of the department Feoktistova Polina Sergeevna, thanks to her experience, was able to properly organize an incredibly responsible work in this department.

I especially express my sincere gratitude to the oncologist Arustamyan Tata Alexandrovna, a highly qualified specialist and a great soul person. The doctor knows how to listen to patients, hears us and gives the most correct recommendations. I am infinitely grateful to the doctor for his sensitive and attentive attitude to us, patients, for his responsiveness and clarity in his work. From the bottom of my heart, I want to congratulate dear Tatu Alexandrovna on her birthday, wish her many, many happiness in life, progress on the career ladder, health, and that everything is always OK.

Once again, many THANKS to the entire team of the Department of Chemotherapy of the MCSC.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD