PCR test for COVID-19 in 1.5 hours

Patient Zh.

I want to express my immense gratitude to the traumatologist-orthopedistGolubev Vladimir Valeryevich and the entire Department of Orthopedics and Complex Trauma. She was treated in this department for 5 days. The doctor performed the operation perfectly, after the operation he was interested in how he felt, and always answered questions. In a nutshell - an excellent doctor. In the department, all the staff was as friendly and friendly as possible, they always tried to help and were interested in how they felt. When I went to the operation, it was scary, but because of the excellent doctor and good medical staff of the department, all the fear disappeared, and I spent the remaining days in the department with pleasure. Thank you very much to Vladimir V. Golubev and the entire Department of Orthopedics and Complex Trauma!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD