Patient Sch.

I express my deep gratitude to Dr. Ivan Alexandrovich Pavlov, specialist of the Department of operative endoscopy, candidate of Medical Sciences. This is a doctor with a capital letter, a surgeon by the grace of God, Golden Hands, a real professional of a very high level! Such doctors confirm the best traditions of Russian medicine! On July 9, 2020, he successfully underwent endoscopic surgery to excise the diverticulum of the esophagus (I am 73 years old). The disease manifested itself for more than 15 years, was correctly diagnosed late (at first they tried to treat reflux esophagitis), during this time the diverticulum reached very large sizes, which caused great inconvenience and led to many ailments and restrictions. Dr. Pavlov masterfully performed a complex operation without an autopsy, excised a large diverticulum, imposed 26 clips on the esophagus. Special thanks to the anesthesiologists of MCSC, all the staff of the Department! The operation was carried out on compulsory medical insurance. A control turnout was scheduled in 3 months, which we could not attend due to the fact that we fell ill with Covid-19. At a follow-up examination a year later, in June 2021, complete healing was recorded in the absence of all possible negative consequences. At all stages of preparation for the operation: collecting and processing documentation, agreeing on the terms of hospitalization and arrival in Moscow, etc., - Dr. Pavlov I. A. thoroughly instructed and directed me. Many thanks to Ivan Alexandrovich Pavlov for high professionalism, selflessness, goodwill! 

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