PCR test for COVID-19 in 1.5 hours

Patient X.

From May 25 to June 10, 2021, he was undergoing surgical treatment in the thoracic Department of surgery of the MCSC. Loginova: 1-preoperative preparation; 2-esophageal surgery; 3-postoperative rehabilitation. Before that-a detailed examination and diagnosis, then - the postoperative rehabilitation period. And all this under the guidance and with the constant participation of my attending physician Novikov Dmitry Vladimirovich. Many thanks to him and a low bow. From our first meeting, he managed to instill in the soul of a "confused" person the confidence that "cancer is not a sentence." Clear, short and at the same time capacious phrases convinced: yes, cancer is serious, but you are not alone, you will cope, we are close and together we will overcome this disease. His words were backed up by concrete deeds: a clear Organization of the necessary diagnosis, an accurate plan of action both before and after the operation, of course, the operation itself, almost on-line monitoring of the state of my body (through reports of nurses) and prompt adjustment of the treatment process and medication schedule. And his consultations and daily examinations during my hospitalization: clearly, briefly, confidently (he conveys his "requirements"-recommendations in such a way that not fulfilling them means betraying our common struggle with the disease). And I'm not the only one... And for each of his patients, he has enough strength and time... His hands are a separate "song": of course, during the operation I did not see them (I was under anesthesia), but during examinations, bandages and massages, what he did to me was something... confident, strong, even " domineering "and at the same time"kind"... Well, just a master: a surgeon with a capital letter-a surgeon. Thank you, thank you very much, Dmitry Vladimirovich!!! Of course, many thanks to the whole team of like-minded people of the Thoracic Surgery Department under the leadership of Arif Kerimovich Allahverdiyev. We wish you success in your noble and very necessary work.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD