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Patient L.

I express my deepest gratitude to the head of the 2nd oncosurgical Department, a man with good hands and an unusually kind heart - Valiev Ramiz Kamraddinovich and his team-surgeons Maksat Bayramovich Nurberdiyev, Mukhammet Nuryevich Saryev and to all the medical staff of the 2nd Department of oncosurgery of the MCSC named after A.S. Loginov for your highly professional work, for giving people the hope that they will help you here and take care of you, and tell you about your treatment so that you will calm down and trust doctors with confidence that everything will be fine. My disease is not easy, neglected, detected in 2018., metastases have already appeared. Operations in December 2018 - removal of the tumor focus, in August 2019, after 12 courses of chemotherapy, an operation was performed on the liver, a small part of the liver is also with metastases. The operations were successful and in a difficult case there were no complications, I recovered quickly. It's a miracle! I bow low to you, my dear doctors, I kiss your good heads and hands. Histologically, the cut showed healthy tissue! But when I examined it a few months later, the metastases were showed again. I continued the course of chemotherapy. And in May 2021 oncological council decided to do one more surgery. And I had no other confident opinion than to turn to Ramiz Kamraddinovich and his team. And in June of this year, the surgery was performed successfully. I've recovered quickly. Now I am undergoing targeted therapy. I thank the God for the meeting with the high professionals who have sensitivity, attentiveness and thanks to whom I still alive. Wish the good health to you and your family and friends, may the sun always shine in all your affairs. Love you all! A low bow from my family. With deep respect and a low bow, Lomacheva E.G.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD