Patient D.

I was treated in the Department of Non-Inflammatory Bowel Pathology in July. My attending phisician was Akhmadullina Olga Valentinovna. The doctor is simply wonderful. Professional and competent. In addition, to a high degree sustained, patient, attentive, benevolent. All the endless questions, sometimes stupid, gives clear explanations. Calmly, without irritation. I received all the necessary examinations and treatment in the Department. At discharge: detailed recommendations and appointments for a fairly long period and for the continuation of treatment, and for lifestyle. Thank You, Olga Valentinovna! You're amazing! I would also like to thank all the medical staff of the Department for their friendliness, care, efficiency. Thank you all nurses: Anechka, 2 Lyudmilas, Katya, Julia, Lena. Thank you!!! Olga Valentinovna and the Department of Non-Inflammatory Bowel Pathology, you are the best!!!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD