Patient K.

Kalashnikov Sergey Anatolyevich (born 07.02.1960) was in the Department of Vascular Surgery from 29.07 to 3.08.2021, where an operation was performed on the carotid arteries. 25 years ago, Kalashnikov S. A. neutralized a shell that exploded in his hands, saved the lives of hundreds of people, while he himself suffered: he lost his hands and was seriously injured. He recently underwent ONMC, suffers from obliterating atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities, critical ischemia of the right foot. Somatically complex patient. After the operation, the result is simply magnificent! Improved psycho-emotional state, became more physically active. For many years, he has nothing but suffering on his face... Now he began to smile, joke, became more adequate. Kalashnikov S. in the near future will have reconstructive vascular surgery on the right lower limb. We are calm - he is in the good hands of vascular surgeons, who can be trusted with the health and life of the patient. Now the epidemiological situation is difficult, it is difficult for doctors and emergency room staff to work, but they are well done, they observe the epidermis, and this is the safety of the patient. During the covid pandemic, it is difficult to organize planned hospitalization and specialized care. Chief physician, deputy chief physician for medical work - the organizers of medical care are looking for opportunities for planned hospitalizations and planned operations. Due to the epidemiological situation of covid, the restriction of planned hospitalizations leads to another catastrophe. Timely planned reconstructive surgery on the arteries is the key to saving the lower limb. Kalashnikov S.A. has critical foot ischemia, if reconstructive surgery on the femoral arteries is not performed in a timely manner, the risk of developing gangrene of the foot. And in his difficult situation (lack of hands of both upper limbs) add the absence of one lower limb - the situation is hopeless, the meaning of life is lost... Kalashnikov S.A. was provided with highly qualified assistance. I, Natalia Anatolyevna Smirnova, the patient's sister, worked for a long time as a vascular surgeon, now I continue to work as an emergency surgeon. I am especially pleased to see high professionalism, competent approach, the right choice of the scope of surgical intervention, no less important is competent postoperative management of the patient. Сure disease of such patients as Kalashnikov S.A., who has a complex somatic pathology, not easy. This is the work of a team of medical staff, resuscitators, middle medical staff. We are eternally grateful to Naida Mitatullayevna for the excellent organization of hospitalization, the most surgical intervention, and postoperative management of the patient. And most importantly - the excellent team of the vascular department and the intensive care unit gave a positive impetus, gave hope to Sergey Kalashnikov. We haven't seen a smile on his face for a long time. Thank the entire staff of the Department of vascular surgery, headed by Kharazov Alexander Feliksovich, cardiovascular and X-ray endovascular surgeon Basirova Naida Minatullayevna, resuscitator Tybin To Alexey Pavlovich and Ekaterina Anisimova, senior nurse Makarova Marina Nikolaevna - an excellent organizer of the work of the average medical staff, on whose performance to a certain extent depends the success of the patient's recovery, and the whole team as a whole. There would be more such surgeons, resuscitators, Nurses, Health organizers. Sincerely, the family of Kalashnikov Sergey Anatolyevich.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD