Patient Z

In early August 2021, in the Department of oncogynecology of the Loginov MCSC, I successfully removed ovarian tumors. The tumor on one of the ovaries was 11 cm in size. The operation was done laparoscopically, both ovaries were preserved. A wonderful surgeon who conducted this many-hour operation-Ulyanova Anastasia Vladimirovna. I express my sincere gratitude to Anastasia Vladimirovna! From the very first moment I got to the first appointment with Anastasia Vladimirovna, I felt in safe hands. Anastasia Vladimirovna conducts examinations extremely delicately. Clearly and easily sets out the situation, what is, what can be, what will be done. Already in the department, both before and after the operation, I felt under supervision all the time. There were no questions, Anastasia Vladimirovna came every day and told everything. Many thanks to the wonderful doctor!!! Many thanks to the anesthesiologists and operating nurses. Anesthesia and catheter insertion passed completely unnoticed. No cold, no shivering. I fell asleep and woke up. Many thanks to the nurses who were with us in the department both before and after the operation, took care of us. Carry out all manipulations clearly and delicately. Many thanks for the wonderful soups, jelly and compotes. This is important for recovery. I am under an extremely positive impression from the entire center, from the fact that they remained operational during the pandemic, from the organization of processes inside. Thanks for everything!!! With great gratitude!!!
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD