Patient C

I express my gratitude to the Department of diagnostics and general therapy, represented by the head of the Department Shabanova Oksana Nikolaevna and the Attending Physician Nesterova Natalia Vladimirovna, and the Department of Hematology, represented by the head of the Department Silicneva Natalia Valeryevna and the Attending Physician Glushchenko Dmitry Yuryevich (GBUZ MCSC named after A. S. Loginov, branch at 22 Akademika Pavlova Street).

I was examined in the Department of diagnostics and general therapy. I was given a full examination, such as I have never had. Everything was done very clearly, quickly, without problems. The attitude to patients in this department is patient, attentive, professional. The sisterly persona also works clearly. Thank you all for your help!

The same can be said about the Department of Hematology. Treat professionally, carefully, intelligently, doctors are always available to patients. Thank you to the doctors and nurses for their attention and treatment. Thanks to dzm for opening the A. S. Loginov MCSC in Kuntsevo. It is desirable that Polyclinic 195 (Branch 3) give appointments to patients in this center.
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD