Patient Z-

Dear Igor Evgenievich!
At the beginning of August this year, I underwent surgery in your center, the existence of which neither I, nor my relatives, nor friends, nor colleagues at work, including a colleague living in Perovo, knew.
It was about a randomly discovered ovarian tumor, which did not manifest itself in any way. By the time it was discovered, it was already multi-chamber and 11 cm in size. I understood that now there is a pandemic and that elective operations are waiting for months. I read a lot of reviews on the internet about similar cases.  It is known what information about medicine in general is conveyed to us by the media and the internet. Negative.
I was not in a happy mood. 
In our residential complex, I was given a referral to you on Monday, and on Tuesday (!), the next day, and I fell into the hands of an excellent specialist - Ulyanova Anastasia Vladimirovna, a wonderful doctor, obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon. Anastasia Vladimirovna clearly explained to me, already from the position of the operating surgeon, what was wrong with me, what it threatened, what could manifest itself during the operation, what actions would be taken in this case. The fact is that the doctors in my LCD (my doctor, Gulnazi Sergeevna Valieva, was on vacation at the beginning of my case and the first two appointments were with other doctors who had time), equally told me that the size is large 8-11 CM, the formation is multi-chamber, blood supply, so the situation is serious, you need to be ready, at least, to remove the ovary, and this may still be a good outcome. The fact is that I also had high cancer markers, and my mother had cervical cancer. I was prepared for what the surgeon would decide when he saw what was inside. Formally, I was ready to remove the ovary, or even both, Anastasia Vladimirovna saved both ovaries, the operation was done laparoscopically. Anastasia visited me in the ward every day, clearly and clearly told me what and how. I looked in as I passed down the Hall. I didn't have any questions. In my impression, Anastasia Vladimirovna is a surprisingly efficient, calm, responsible, friendly person. An exceptional doctor! I must say that all inspections are extremely delicate. I express my gratitude to Anastasia Vladimirovna Ulyanova!
Unfortunately, I do not know who the anesthesiologists and resuscitators were. Everything I'd read on the internet had passed me by. And the urinary catheter, and the tube in the throat, everything went unnoticed. I fell asleep and woke up. Many thanks to the anesthesiologists and operating nurses.
The team of nurses who work in the Department of oncogynecology, where I was lying, are wonderful professionals who clearly and quickly perform all medical manipulations, while being friendly, caring, attentive and without lisping. Distract during the most unpleasant procedures, so as not to concentrate on pain. They tell and teach how to make life easier for themselves in the postoperative period. You feel watched all the time. Many thanks to all the nurses.
The food is simple and great for patients. Delicious. Soups, compotes and jelly were especially positively impressed. What is the attitude to patients-they will ask several times if everyone has received a portion; if there are any misunderstandings (what is possible, what is impossible, how much is possible), they will find a doctor and clarify; if there are no dishes with them, they will give them right away! There is always water, in the cooler, in the kettle, tea. Thank you very much!
I express my gratitude to the management of the Center for having gathered such a wonderful team and provided them with everything necessary for work! It's a big deal. In the center of Loginov, frankly, you begin to feel that doctors are gods. I really hope that the team will remain, will develop and improve. Special thanks for the fact that the center functions during the pandemic, for the speed of work.
I am under the most positive impression.
I don't even know how to list everything - self-dissolving seams, easily adhesive patches, comfortable beds, even with holders, comfortable nightstands, opening windows, and even a constantly clean toilet and toilet paper in the toilet, daily thorough cleaning of the wards, an electronic personal account system and SMS notification.
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD