MCSC patient's family

Hello there. My mother Tatiana A. operated on the knee of Dr. Shestakov D. Y., a wonderful doctor and a true professional in his field. My mother complained of pain in her knee for a long time, but somehow postponed the visit to the doctor until the pain began to bother very much. It was then that they turned to Dmitry Yuryevich. After consultation, he appointed a date for hospitalization and surgery. They were hospitalized, the next day they had an operation and a day later they were discharged. The department is clean, tidy and always friendly and attentive medical staff. The work in the department is designed so that each patient feels as comfortable as possible. Now, a few months after the operation, my mother feels much better, leads an active lifestyle without pain. Thank you very much, Dmitry Yuryevich, for your professional work, for your attention, for the ability to listen to the patient and give him the right recommendations. And thank you to all your friendly team.
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD