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Patient G_

I was treated in the Department of oncosurgery 2. I express my gratitude to the doctors who performed the operation on 18.08.21 for uterine cancer: head of the pelvic oncology department Valiev Ramiz Kamraddinovich, researcher Nurberdyev Maksat Bayramovich, oncologist (my attending physician) Saryev Mukhammetsakhet Nurberdievich. The operation was successful, the stitches are neat, heal well. Doctors and medical staff take care of the patient, prescribe treatment, answer questions in detail. The ward is clean. The staff is polite, caring. The food is hearty and tasty. Thank you for the excellent operation and care for the health of patients! I wish you all health, prosperity and professional success!
Many thanks to the nurse Chistyakova Marina Anatolyevna for her kind caring hands, painless postoperative dressings, after which there was always pain relief and progress in healing. Good humor, a bright smile and inspiring conversations during the treatment of sutures, which brings additional healing not only to the body, but also to the state of mind. Health and prosperity to you, dear Marina Anatolyevna!
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD