PCR test for COVID-19 in 1.5 hours

Patient T.

I express my gratitude to the doctor-gastroenterologist Thanks To Andrey Viktorovich for successfully prescribed and conducted treatment. I turned to Andrei Viktorovich after a year and a half of torment associated with the problem of the gastrointestinal tract and unsuccessful treatment with other "specialists", I was "treated" (maimed) stomach, and the problem was in the gallbladder, which was established by Andrei Viktorovich. The treatment he prescribed led to amazing results! I have passed the Daily, debilitating heaviness and pain. After a strict diet from the previous treatment, I lost 20 kg., the weight deviated from the lower limit of the norm. Now I have recovered by 2kg., I do not feel the decline of strength and confidently go on the mend! Once again, I thank you Andrei Viktorovich for the highly qualified help and the hope in recovery that this wonderful person gave me!!!

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