Patient C.

Many thanks to Makovsky Alexey Andreevich (Department of orthopedics and complex trauma) for the brilliantly performed hip replacement operation. A magnificent doctor. I can describe it this way: without unnecessary lyrics, restrained, professional, to the point. Do not hesitate for a minute, if you got to Makovsky AA, you are in the hands of a professional. I did the operation 05.08.21. I write a review two months later. Everything is fine. Recovery is going according to plan. I still can't get used to the fact that there is no more debilitating pain. My legs are like new, I want to run as soon as possible, and this is not far off. Not only the feeling of a normal, healthy leg returned, but also the desire to lead an active lifestyle. Alexey Andreyevich, I will never tire of saying Thank you! Anyone who is afraid, doubts whether it is worth prosthetics, and how it will be after - Trust the doctors, and you will start a new life, healthy, active, without many restrictions and pain. I want to note the general atmosphere of the Department. All without exception in the Department of orthopedics and complex trauma work with the soul. Throughout her stay in the hospital, she noted a friendly attitude, care, professionalism and humanity. The atmosphere in the department is amazing. Cozy, kind, warm. Thank you! You are the best!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD