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Patient K.

Gratitude and recognition. From September 28 to October 12, 2021, I was in the MCSC named after A. S. Loginov in the Department of head and neck tumors. In the emergency room, everything worked clearly and organized, and at the specified time I was already placed in the ward on the 6th floor. For the first time I saw that the ward, and the toilet, and the corridors, and the window sills are cleaned three times a day. Bed linen is changed at the first request, or at the first contamination. Food is dietary, therapeutic, tasty.
Nurses, namely Sisters of mercy, sympathize with us, and make our hospital life more comfortable and less painful. The treatment nurse, with her delicate, sensitive fingers, found my vein for the catheter, and so skillfully placed it that it was no longer necessary to put holes in the skin.
The Attending Physician Artem Valerievich, every day at 7-20 in the morning was in my room and listened attentively to my complaints and immediately prescribed all the necessary procedures and studies… A young, but experienced and promising transplant doctor. Other doctors of the department, also great professionals, all the time in work, then with patients, then on operations. Surprisingly, they sometimes left the department at 20-00, or even longer. My operation lasted 14 hours from 9-00 to 23-00, and only after transferring me under the supervision of resuscitators, and tired doctors went home to arrive at work again the next day at 7-30 – heals and saves us.
The brilliant doctor Lilia Pavlovna directs the OGs. PhD, professional, confident in her knowledge and in what she does. She, having studied my medical history, outlined a plan for my complex operation, and having calculated all the risks, decided to do me the most difficult transplant option, with the possibility of changes in the course of the operation. And she won! After the operation, I saw her every day, and at 8-00 in the morning on rounds, appointing additional procedures, or she herself applied dressings, or changed them.
Paper and this letter cannot express the gratitude I feel for these doctors.
Also, many thanks to the director of the center, Mr. Khatkov, for organizing and skillfully managing such a large team. And yet, where is it seen that he, an academician and an internationally recognized luminary, personally bypasses patients, and I saw it myself when he and his entourage visited the intensive care unit.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD