Patient C.

I, Sorokina T. F., am a patient of the MCSC. Loginova, gastroenterology department, Pavlova Street branch. Having visited your hospital, I was immediately struck by the spirit of kindness, participation in the problems of patients. There is no indifference, and this inspires confidence that you will definitely be helped here. I got to the Department of Gastroenterology with Big Bowel Problems. I was met here by acting senior nurse Bordacheva T. N. with a smile and words: "You'll be fine." It's like an advance on recovery. Good organizational work with nursing staff is visible. I am very grateful to the procedural nurses Kazbekova Zula and Glinkina Yulia for their indifference, professionalism, feelings for the procedures performed. Even the nurses participate in the recovery process with their positive conversations and their help, especially Shustrova Ulyana, who is ready to help at any time. Barmaids are also not indifferent people-they are Elena Sidegova and Elmira Malysheva, very friendly and responsive. Especially great gratitude and low bow to the doctor Kukoleva Ekaterina Olegovna for her professionalism, sincerity, concern for the result of treatment in the selection of all methods of eliminating the problems of my intestines. Such organization and cohesion in the work of all employees of the department is possible only thanks to the skillful and professional head of the Department – Nina Alexandrovna Fadeeva, head of the Department, candidate of Medical Sciences. Thank you for your team and your work, for returning US, patients, to health. It is necessary to express great gratitude to the head of the Center on Pavlov, Chudny Sergey Mikhailovich for organizing the selection of highly professional medical personnel. Pensioner, veteran of Labor, Sorokina T. F.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD