Patient B.

This is just a super clinic!!!!! I have been examined by their gastroenterologists periodically since 2017. There are specialists with a capital letter. Professionals. Now I have returned from a colonoscopy, they did it in the branch on M.Molodezhnaya. It's fantastic how they do this procedure. And the young doctor Toporkova O. S. and a nurse Safronova M. V. specialists with a capital letter. And Safronova M. V. is generally a woman with great humor, treating patients as her own daughter. Professionalism and care. I'm thrilled. I recommend everyone to do a colonoscopy with them. I did it without anesthesia. It is not necessary. The only thing, unfortunately, do not know the full names of the doctor and nurse. Took the data from the conclusion. Thank you very much.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD