Patient C.

Dear employees of MCSC named after A. S. Loginov! On December 20, 2021, I underwent umbilical hernia surgery at your wonderful Center. To be honest, I was very afraid to operate on my hernia, although recently it began to bother me. God was merciful - I had never had surgery in my entire life, and this only made the fear stronger. But having got for the first time on consultation to the surgeon V. A. Bochkar, my fears began to dispel.

Thank you, Victoria Alexandrovna, for convincing me and insisting on the operation. I could not even imagine what wonderful, sensitive and responsive people, top-class professionals I would meet at the Center. I was able to make sure of this when I underwent a follow – up examination before the operation and did gastroscopy for the first time in my life (Endoscopist Toporkova O. S., nurse Safronova M. V., for which I thank them very much!). As my wife said-You are the only one who describes this procedure with such positive emotions.

How many times recently I donated blood in my clinic – so many times I went with bruises on the veins of my hands, but not one in the Center, although I gave five times. I didn't even feel an anesthetic shot at night after the operation – thanks to the nurse on duty! They are always ready to help you and surround you with care. And it makes you feel warm and cozy. Thank you all for this!

On the eve of the operation, the anesthesiologist on duty came and said that I would have spinal anesthesia, that I would be stabbed near my spine, which, frankly, puzzled and frightened me a little. But Victoria Alexandrovna calmed down and said that this is a common practice and this is a more gentle option than full anesthesia. Well, after the gastroscopy and other examinations carried out here, I had no doubt about the high professionalism of the doctors of the Center. On the day of the operation, I was almost not worried, realizing that a specialist of the highest class, A surgeon from God, R. E. Izrailov, would do it for me. The anaesthetist I. V. Bakhtinov and the anaesthetic nurse A. P. Maslennikova prepared me for the operation, and I felt how much kindness and warmth they radiated while doing their work. Thanks to them for that and a low bow!

Thank you, my surgeons-Roman Evgenievich and Victoria Alexandrovna, for your golden hands and jewelry operation. I was very comfortable lying on the operating table. After all, I was surrounded by real professionals! I didn't feel anything and slept through the whole operation perfectly. And when after the operation I was brought to the ward, no side effects: pain in the head, nausea, etc. I didn't. On the contrary, I slept well and began to call my family and friends, telling them what unique people work in the Center.

I bow to people like you, who have chosen, perhaps, the most necessary profession on Earth – to treat people. I sincerely wish you great success in your noble cause and further professional growth! May the coming year bring you good luck and success in your difficult, but very necessary business! Thanks again! This was one of the most vivid impressions in this dull and gray covid year.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD