PCR test for COVID-19 in 1.5 hours

Patient Sh.

Congratulations to all employees of MCSC on the upcoming holidays! I want to congratulate and say a huge human thank you in particular to the staff of the Department "surgery of the liver and pancreas". I cannot find suitable words of gratitude to the wonderful surgeons who gave me the opportunity to finish my good deeds. They gave me a continuation of life. A low bow to the Masters of a complex and difficult profession, surgeons with a capital letter and just good people who are not indifferent to someone else's misfortune, Kozakov Ivan Vyacheslav, Shukurov Kirill Pavlovich. Special thanks for the mind, hands, experience, kindness Efanov German Mikhailovich. Thank you!!! Happy New Year! It's only thanks to you all that I can hug my children again. family and meet the year 2022!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD