Patient G.

From the bottom of my heart I want to express my gratitude to the team of Surgeons: Valiev R. K., Nurberdiyev M. B. and Saryev M. N. These are knowledgeable, experienced specialists in the field of pelvic tumors. My medical history is simple-oncology was detected at a late stage, so I had to start treatment immediately. I never liked dreams in which I was late - the train left or even the plane left without me. But when I met the surgeons, I realized that my transport is only a supersonic plane. There was no time to rock. All tests were promptly passed and additional examinations were received. I want to note that anesthesiologist Kochergin V. G. very carefully calculated the dosage. Therefore, I sweetly overslept the operation itself. I woke up when everything was over, and my supersonic plane was carrying me to the airport in stable remission. I want to say a low bow and a big human thank you to M. N. Saryev for the postoperative support. This doctor could be freely addressed to any question that arose. Mukhammet Nuryevich instantly reacted and gave advice. I would like to wish the entire team of oncological surgeons many years of successful medical practice and good health!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD