Patient N.

She was treated by a wonderful doctor Anna Alexandrovna Koroleva after liver surgery in November 2021. a competent specialist, an excellent surgeon, a professional, a great clever woman, very attentive, sensitive, responsive, and even a beauty!!! Rounds every day. When Anna Alexandrovna came into the ward with a radiant smile, as if the sun appeared bright, kind and warm!! She was interested in everything: how you slept, how much liquid you drank, what temperature you have, what problems, she noticed everything and advised how best to lie down, in which direction, when to remove the bandage, how much and where to walk, everything was under her strict guidance! For the first time I saw the doctor so meticulously and carefully treated each patient, gave his love and surrounded with care.

Dear and beloved Anna Alexandrovna!!! I wish you further success in your work and happiness in your personal life! Stay always the same!! Give patients your charming smile, loving heart and care! To recover under your guidance is very pleasant!! 

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD