MCSC patients

I want to leave feedback from patients throughout our ward. We sincerely thank all the service personnel, starting from the technical staff, the food department, nurses and doctors, to the entire staff of the oncosurgical Department. Thank you very much for saving your life, especially to our attending doctors : Pavlova Anastasia Alexandrovna, Yusupov Daniil Konstantinovich, Cheringaryan Edward Veranovich, Maximov Nikita Alekseevich, all the nurses, and especially a very sensitive nurse Garipova Lenura Gursunbayevna. We express our gratitude to you all for your golden hands. We wish you great health and success in your hard work. And I also want to thank surgeon Yevgeny Vitalievich Shivilov. With respect and gratitude.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD