Patient N.

I express my sincere gratitude to the medical staff of the Department of surgery (3rd Building, 5th floor), the head of the Department of hepatopancreatobiliary surgery Efanov Mikhail Germanovich. Mikhail Germanovich is the standard of a surgeon, a professional, a man of Science and practice. Concentration, culture, scientific approach, high Organization of work, responsibility are inherent in my doctor. Thank you, Mikhail Germanovich, for successfully conducting a complex operation that others could not even undertake. March 3, 2022 You and your team professionally performed a complex surgery on me. During the treatment, Mikhail Germanovich answered all my questions, told me all the necessary information, communication with the doctor always took place in a very comfortable atmosphere. Mikhail Germanovich always encouraged and set up positive thinking, which is important to find strength to recover. To your doctor Queen Anna Alexandrovna many thanks for the operation, thoughtfully selected treatment, constant monitoring of the state of my body before and after the operation, quick response with the necessary drugs, procedures, for believing in the success of treatment, for psychological support! Thank you to surgeon Pavel Vitalievich for participating in the operation, help, responsiveness and attention. He came into the room several times a day to see how I was doing.. Thank you for the kind hands of the nurses who did my dressings Vera Viktorovna and Anastasia Andreevna, the procedural nurses Aisha and Olga, all the nurses of the department, the nurse Galina Vasilyevna and the nurse-hostess. They all try very hard to make patients feel care and support! The most complicated operation and treatment were carried out according to the medical insurance policy, the direction of the form 57u from my region. I, all my relatives thank the management and all employees of the MCSC. Loginov! Thanks to my surgeons! God bless you!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD