Patient F.

06.05.2022. I express my sincere gratitude to the endoscopist Orlova Maria Viktorovna and the nurse who helped her (unfortunately I don't know her last name) for the simply brilliantly performed gastroscopy and biopsy sampling. I have been conducting such a study every year in different clinics for many years, but I have never been done as painlessly and comfortably as Maria Viktorovna and the nurse who helped her did. Professionals and very attentive and sensitive people who understand the patient's problems during gastroscopy, trying to help him as much as possible. After the examination, everything was clearly explained. Thank you very much. I ask the management of the department and the MCSC to note and, if possible, encourage these employees, they certainly deserve it. Military pensioner, reserve Colonel Fedorov Yu.M.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD