Patient B.

I express my great gratitude to the entire staff of the MCSC. Loginova for well-coordinated, attentive and professional work. From May 03 to May 05, 2022, I was in the 3rd ward of this Center, I underwent surgery to remove polyps in the large intestine. The attitude of all staff to patients, cleanliness in the wards, comfort throughout the stay - everything is at the highest level. I would especially like to mention my doctor, an endoscopist surgeon in the department of operative endoscopy, Irina Igorovna Khvorova. Super attentive attitude to me, professional work, competent postoperative counseling with an explanation of all the details of the operation and further explanation about the passage of the second stage of the operation in July this year. I was completely delighted. This is not my first visit to this Center. And everything is always at the highest level. You guys are great. Thank you very much.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD